Thursday, March 15, 2012

Disappointing volume

I haven't been able to play near as many hands as I'd like but turns out it's a good thing. It means my rl job has finally started picking up a bit do there's a lot less pressure on picking up some dough other places. Hopefully one day I can rely mostly on poker to make a living, but it's very nice to have something to always fall back on.

I have often wondered how things would be were I like 20 in 2003 just discovering poker. I was always kind of a nerd and a wiz at every game I played. I am pretty sure I would have likely been one of those "internet wiz kids" and made a killing off the game in the early years of the boom.

I saw a video recently on bluefire poker on how poker has become a kids game. It's actually pretty good and I recommend checking it out if you haven't already.

Ultimately I have no regrets. I have a fairly lucrative career that allows myself and my family to live a comfortable lifestyle on my income alone. My wife is a stay at home mom and we are able to raise the kids ourselves solely and put them in good schools.

Poker has always been just a hobby but of course I have always dreamed of turning it into something more. I guess that is why I work so hard at it in my spare time. I firmly believe it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. I have never quit on anything in my life and I won't start now.

Getting back to this month; I am running decently at 50NL and kinda meh at 20NL. Better than vice versa for sure. I am + about $500 after rakeback so far and almost have my 'roll on one of the sites big enough to hit 100NL. If all stays on track I will be fully grinding 50NL/100NL by months end. No rush though, I am actually enjoying my grinds lately. It's amazing how fun this game is as you begin to actually figure out what you are doing. :)

By the way, Cake has still not processed the $2,500 I cashed out on the 12th of February. Over one month and counting. I read somewhere that the average is 2-3 months right now.. which is pretty dang ridiculous. Living in the land of the free and we have to deal with this BS. I truly love the South but man do I hate conservative politics.

On another note, I was just looking at my stats and noticed that I hit 2 sets in the past 9 hours of play. I do only play 400 hands an hour but that still seems pretty dang low. I sure am glad that making sets are but a miniscule part of my strategy.

Imagine the post I would be writing if I were still the 12/10 full ring super nit I used to be and had gone that long without a set. I'd be whining like crazy about the big downswing today.

I will close with this today's run good graph. (only +$50AIEV).

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  1. Are you still running the 50bb strategy you posted in 2010?